Porcelain Painting

Digitally Hand-Painted Photos

We called our digitally hand-painted photos ´Porcelain Painting´ because it contains a delicate beauty that Porcelain best encapsulates.

Our focus is to bring out the personality of the image that the painting is based upon. We are not trying to emulate traditional paintings like oil or watercolours. This is a completely unique style of art that can only be created by a skilled artist using Photoshop as their digital palette.

We put an enormous amount of creative energy and time into every Porcelain painting. There is a synergy between the artist, the image and the creative tools of Photoshop that enable us to create a one-off unique Porcelain Painting.

The time and expertise that it takes to create a Porcelain Painting means that the cost is far higher than using automated Photoshop plugins or ´actions´. But we think the results are more than worth it. With the faltering economy we find ourselves in, we wondered if there would be any interest in this art. But we decided nonetheless to show it to people and let them decide.

Porcelain Painting Prices:

Portraits of People:

  • $700.00 - One person photographed outside or in the studio
  • $400.00 per person - Additional people in the same photo
  • $200.00 per pet - Dog or cat in the photo
  • $350.00 - Horse in the photo

Portraits of Pets:

  • $300.00 - One dog or cat
  • $150.00 per pet - Additional dog or cat
  • $500.00 - Horse
  • $300.00 per horse - Additional horses

We send you the finished digital file. We also offer canvas or watercolour paper printing.

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We also teach ´Porcelain Painting´ and ´Paint like Monet´ in a 4-day workshop.

Porcelain Painting

Giving you an edge.


Set yourself apart and above your competion.
The different sets of Photoshop ´actions´ and Lightroom/Photoshop presets give you many creative ways to go quickly.


Short Movie Tutorials


The short movies help you in several ways.
They show you creative techniques that can not be created using a Photoshop ´action´.

They also teach you important tools in Photoshop like masking, using different selection tools or how to create custom brushes.


HDR Photography


What is HDR?

HDR is when you take 3-5 or 7 photos at different exposure settings, and then merge them into a single image using specialty software.

What you get are beautiful photos with incredible detail, controlled lighting and accurate colour.

You cannot reproduce an HDR image manipulating a single JPG or RAW image in Photoshop.

We offer you a choice of a 2-day HDR hands-on workshop. Or an HDR webinar that you can take at your office or home.

Click here for examples of HDR imagery, and workshop schedule.



Just one click and a couple of tweeks and my images are transformed in to a variety of different looks and feels. Priceless. - Chris Jepson chrisjepson.com

We wanted to get that extra edge that would set our studio apart from the rest. We purchased the Ultimate BW and Vivid Colors just for our wedding clients. We found out that they could be used for every single client that we have. - Reel Life Portraits reellife.me


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