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Gavin Phillips founded Photographers Photoshop over 15-years ago. Gavin came from a web design and teaching background. He loves teaching people software programs and creative techniques.

Gavin taught Dreamweaver, Flash and Photoshop for various companies throughout the USA. Now he teaches Photoshop, Lightroom and High Dynamic Range Photography via webinar and hands-on workshops.


The primary goal of Photographers Photoshop is to help photographers get professional results from Photoshop quickly. Photographers have a business to run. They would far rather be photographing their clients than sitting in front of a computer.

During the last 15-years Gavin and his team have developed 7-sets of complex Photoshop ´actions´ and short movies .

With the Photoshop ´actions´ you simply click a button and Photoshop automatically runs through 20-40 steps in Photoshop for you. In less than a minute you have a great effect.

Photoshop ´actions´ are great, but we take it much further for you. We also include short concise Photoshop movie tutorials that show you creative techniques that cannot be created with an ´actions´.

Each set of Photoshop actions creates different effects so that you can show your clients something different. This keeps your portfolio fresh. Every Photoshop 'action' is carefully developed to be unique and give professional results.

Lightroom Presets

In the last 5-years we have also developed 3-sets of Lightroom/Photoshop (CS3,4,5) Presets. Presets are similar to a Photoshop action. We have converted the files so that the Lightroom Presets also work in Photoshop CS3,4 and 5.

High Dynamic Range Photography

Gavin noticed HDR images about 5-years ago and was interested in the results. Around 3-years ago he started experimenting with HDR. Within a year Gavin had developed an HDR work flow that included using specific HDR programs in addition to Photoshop. Gavin wanted to help photographers get the benefits of HDR, without the over-saturated or surreal ´look´.

Gavin started teaching HDR via webinar 2-years ago. He was the first person to show photographers how to photograph posed people using HDR. This is beneficial for wedding photographers capturing a few HDR sets in gloomy churches. HDR will perfectly light a church interior without the need for any artificial lighting.

Our Team

Gavin's sister Rebecca joined the company in 2008 as a Graphic Designer. Rebecca is in charge of all website updates and changes.

Dave Thomas joined the company in 2009 and is head of marketing. David has been in sales and marketing for over 25-years.

We like to help our clients work smarter, not longer hours. And a big part of that is knowing when it's time to get expert assistance that saves you time and grows your business.
Client support is very important to us. We pick up the phone when clients call. We want you to get the most out of YOUR software which has been created for you.

Giving you an edge.


Set yourself apart and above your competion.
The different sets of Photoshop ´actions´ and Lightroom/Photoshop presets give you many creative ways to go quickly.


Short Movie Tutorials


The short movies help you in several ways.
They show you creative techniques that can not be created using a Photoshop ´action´.

They also teach you important tools in Photoshop like masking, using different selection tools or how to create custom brushes.


HDR Photography


What is HDR?

HDR is when you take 3-5 or 7 photos at different exposure settings, and then merge them into a single image using specialty software.

What you get are beautiful photos with incredible detail, controlled lighting and accurate colour.

You cannot reproduce an HDR image manipulating a single JPG or RAW image in Photoshop.

We offer you a choice of a 2-day HDR hands-on workshop. Or an HDR webinar that you can take at your office or home.

Click here for examples of HDR imagery, and workshop schedule.



Just one click and a couple of tweeks and my images are transformed in to a variety of different looks and feels. Priceless. - Chris Jepson chrisjepson.com

We wanted to get that extra edge that would set our studio apart from the rest. We purchased the Ultimate BW and Vivid Colors just for our wedding clients. We found out that they could be used for every single client that we have. - Reel Life Portraits reellife.me


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